Three Ways To Enhance The Enjoyment of A Private Pond Or Lake

A body of water provides serenity and a beautiful backdrop that highlights the natural wonders of its location. Though they offer an unending supply of enjoyment, there are ways to increase a body of water’s overall physical appeal and ensure that the water is healthy and free of harmful bacteria that would threaten the safety of any organisms that call it home. Here is a look at the three most popular products that upgrade a pond, making it healthier, and reducing the overall maintenance required.

Aeration Fountains

The key to reducing the growth of algae and bacteria is proper aeration of the water, which is often tricky when servicing larger bodies of water. An aeration fountain increases oxygen levels by spraying the water in the atmosphere. Most fountains are also decorative and come in a variety of spray patterns, which adds additional whimsy and visual appeal and provides the relaxing sound of running water.

Submersible Lighting

A fountain may be breathtaking during the day, but it will often disappear into the darkness of night after the sun sets. The use of underwater lights will allow the pond or lake to be enjoyed around the clock and creates a colorful light display. The installation of uplights around the perimeter of the pond and a direct light under the aeration ejection nodule will create a visual appeal that will leave guests entranced by natural beauty.

Freeze Control Systems

One of the most significant challenges to maintaining a water aeration fountain is ensuring that the water line that feeds the unit does not freeze during frigid weather. A freeze control system eliminates this worry by monitoring the flow of water at all times. If water flow is reduced, the system will automatically inject a small amount of ethanol alcohol into the line which will melt any ice that may be present and restore the flow of water.

A pond or lake adds beauty and value to a tract of land. The team at living water aeration provides a complete array of accessories and maintenance products that streamline the process of keeping a body of water healthy and allow it to be enjoyed year round. Check out their site to start shopping, and see how affordable maintaining a small body of water should be.

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