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How Laws Affect People’s Relationship With Others.

With nothing to give rules on how things should be run and how people should act at particular times and events, the world would be a very violent and hostile environment for both man and any other beings. This is because of the selfish nature of man as one person would want to acquire all that they can reach for without caring for what others will feel and left with. Most people would not survive in this state because the dominant ones will always be inflicting some pain on them. Laws need to exist to enable people to live peacefully.

For a very long time, according to some scholars, this was the case of man’s existence. People always thought of how they could survive and this meant even going to an extent of destroying others. Wise people in the society dreamt of something different. These people came up with laws they thought were good for the people. A decision was reached at that could make people obey a body that would in return guarantee their security. Many people were for this idea and that is how these scholars believe laws came into existence.

Laws are positive legal rules that bind people to behave in a particular way. Laws are implemented and overseen by an overall body that the people should pay allegiance to. The law directs people on how they should live alone and with others. People also follow laws to direct them on what to do. Law basically keep people from doing what is wrong. Anyone that is found breaking a law is punished according to the kind of rule they break.

When people hear of laws, what comes to their mind first is a country. Countries and governments have laws that govern them, the same applies to religion, the sporting world also has laws that govern them, companies and organizations also have rules and regulations that every worker in the company and anyone who interacts with them should adhere to.

Law has branches and here are some of the main branches.;

Public law which is the branch of law that dictates the relationship between the people and its government.

In order to prevent people from doing wrong to one another, there are a set of laws that help in this.

We also have criminal laws which are the type of law that reminds citizens and members of a certain communities the sanctions that they will get if they do not adhere by the rules governing them.

Substantive law is the branch of law that defines what is wrong and how to handle a situation and what can be done to avoid the wrong.

Even countries all over the world are governed by a set of rules. This has led to the establishment of an international body like the International Criminal Court that punishes offenders the world over.

Not everyone in the public can understand laws and this calls for trained people like lawyers and judges that are tasked with helping people understand what the law requires.

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